Lions Club Eupen

Brief summary of our activities

Eupen is a city with a population of 18 900 citizens. It is the seat of the Council and the Government of the German-Speaking Community in Belgium, with 70 000 citizens. 
Eupen is located in the Eastern part of Belgium in the province of Liege, 10 miles from the German boarder (Aachen), from the Dutch boarder and from the nature reservation 
"Hohes Venn" (Ardennes). 
The Club's charterday was 28 September 1963.
Today we have 44 members. 
The Club's meetings take place every second Friday (dinner meeting) and every last Tuesday (working meeting) of the month at 8:00 p.m.
The clubhouse is at the Ambassador Bosten Hotel 
Haasstr. 81,  4700 Eupen, tel. 0032 87 74 08 00

Our activities 

The Christman raffle
We participate with a raffle (each ticket wins) at the Christmas fairs in our town and in Raeren. Over the past twenty years this activity has developed into special attraction on the local Christmas fairs. 
We are thankful to the many visitors of the Christmas fairs and the many sponsors of prizes for the support which they have given to our projects and which reached the amount of some 15.000 € in 2004. You are cordially invited to visit our stand at the Christmas fair in Raeren (last week of November) or in Eupen (first and second week of December). 

The Advent calendar 
In 2002 we started with a new activity: the sale of an Advent calendar, entitling to the participation in a lottery. Each day during the Advent season one or several prizes were disposed of by lot. This activity will support our projects. 

The swimming marathon
A swimming marathon (4000 swimmers in 2013) is jointly organized with the Government of the German-Speaking Community in Belgium and the L.C. St Vith. In January 2013 financial support in the form of contributions by the Lions Clubs Eupen and St.Vith and private and corporate donations amounted to more than 50.000 €. These funds will be devoted to fight the so-called new poverty in our society. Our objectives are thereby to stimulate the sense of solidarity with and to help the needy people in our society and to promote sports activities. The next swimming marathon will take place on January 28, 2015. 
Participation is most welcome either in the form of a tele-donation via the phone number 087 59 11 12, only on January 30,  from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. or by transfer to bank account nr. 248-0063983-90 of the L.C. Eupen, with the reference "swimming marathon". This project will be closed on February 28.

Lions in the town: 
Donation of two wells, "The Peacewell"  created by the artist P.Hodiamont and “The girl with the flock” (“Mädchen mit der Vogelschar”, Johanna Körner). In 1999, on the occasion of the anniversary of 325 years of the city charter, the L.C. has donated a group sculpture (Marco Winnertz) to the city of Eupen.
The wells and sculpture were donated by the Lions members and their business partners.

Christmas Tree: For more than 35 years the L.C. Eupen donates a Christmas tree via the L.C. Antwerpen Zuid to the city of Antwerp. The Christmas tree embellishes the Grote Markt in Antwerp. 

We support:
Several organizations helping and supporting disabled persons
St Vincent Societies (Vinzensverein)